Monday, July 11, 2011

Orthodox Priests vs. Ascended Masters

                                  Pope Benedict XVI

There are many spiritual paths which lead up the Mountain of God however most of these do not lead to the Mountain Top. In the School of Life most of these lower paths are represented by the different orthodox Religions which are like spiritual Kindergartens, Primary, Intermediate, or High Schools but we must find a spiritual University where we are able to gain our Master’s Degree from those who have already gained their Master’s Degree. Only the brave dare to venture up to the spiritual Mountain Top despite the dire warnings of eternal damnation from the orthodox priests who are like the orthodox priests in Jesus’ day who; shut up the Kingdom of Heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in. (Bible, Matthew 23:13) I believe only those who are unafraid of the Truth can find It. According to White Eagle: All Religions are like spokes of a wheel, or rays of light, all radiating from the hub of that wheel, which is the Great White Spirit, the heavenly Father, the eternal and infinite Father of all mankind. (Jesus, Teacher and Healer p151) The Ascended Masters are also sometimes referred to as the Great White Brotherhood or Spiritual Hierarchy. Of course this does not mean they have white skin but rather that They are all United together as One in the White Light of God. Nor does it mean it is an exclusive men’s club. There are both male and female Ascended Masters. For example there is Beloved Mother Mary and Beloved Quan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy. Jesus teaches: I say to all people of America and the Earth: You, who have said you love Me so greatly, must remember that you cannot have Me without Saint Germain and all the other Ascended Masters. They are ONE in Their Eternal Perfection. They have gained Their Victory, as you are now endeavouring to do. (The Voice of the I AM 1941 December p6) Regarding the orthodox priests, or preacher’s teachings, Emanuel Swedenborg reveals that; 225. all the preachers are from the Lord’s spiritual kingdom; none are from the celestial kingdom… 227. …The doctrine of the inmost heaven is more full of wisdom than the doctrine of the middle heaven, and this more full of intelligence than the doctrine of the outmost heaven; for in each heaven the doctrines are adapted to the perceptions of the angels. (Heaven and its Wonders and Hell From Things Heard and Seen Chapter 25) Beloved Jesus also teaches in this day and Age: I say to the orthodox world. …Those who cannot accept Saint Germain and the Ascended Masters, will not have My Radiation! (The Voice of the I AM 1943 December p7) The Archangel Michael teaches: Forget my dear people denominations! See the Truth of Life and pour out blessings to all mankind. (The Voice of the I AM 1939 May p10)

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